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There’s a lot you can learn in a bar, and a lot you can learn from the bar business

— even things you never wanted to know, like how to react to a murder outside your front door. We know a fair share about bars, and business. Dan co-founded interactive design firms Hard Candy Shell and Charming Robot, which has helped launch and re-launch products with dozens of brands you know, including Hulu, Saturday Night Live, Billboard and Gawker. More to our point here, he’s also owned two NYC bars, making him the “industry insider” for this series. Bob is a business journalist who’s written two New York Times best sellers. He’s also a musician who plays about 100 bar gigs every year. He’s the “outside observer.” From behind a drum kit he’s seen bars and businesses thrive and fail because they’ve hit or missed on some basic things.

Together, we think we’ve found a series of principles you can apply to your business, or your life, and we plan to share them during the next few months. Today, we’ll kick off the series with some thoughts about taking control of your brand…even in the most challenging circumstances.

The Authors

  • Dan Maccarone

    Dan Maccarone


    Dan Maccarone is the co-founder of Charming Robot, a digital product design agency in NYC. He also hosts the podcast Story in a Bottle, chronicling the stories of tech and media professionals.

  • Bob Sullivan

    Bob Sullivan


    Bob Sullivan is a New York Times bestselling author and a Peabody award winning journalist. His work can be found at BobSullivan.net.

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